How to pay for MonaLisa Touch

Oct 11, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Unless you have an unlimited budget, the price of elective medical procedures is always a consideration. Will the benefit you receive be worth the cost? When it comes to MonaLisa Touch vaginal rejuvenation, 94% of women reporting on RealSelf say it is definitely “worth it!” Our own patients who have seen Dr. Elise Brown or Dr. Scott Brown for this treatment are also overwhelmingly thrilled with their results.

As women’s health specialists, we love the fact that we can offer a treatment option that can restore vaginal health and benefit post-menopausal women in so many ways. Our patients love MonaLisa Touch because it successfully addresses symptoms such as:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Burning or itching
  • Painful intercourse
  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Chronic urinary tract infections

But, still, there is a cost. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are not covered by medical insurance, so let’s talk about ways to pay for your treatment because you do have several options.

MonaLisa Touch Is a 3-Part Series of Treatments

To achieve optimal results, we perform MonaLisa Touch fractional laser treatment in three sessions, a few weeks apart. Incremental vaginal treatment is gentler and safer and produces more effective results long-term – and that’s what you want! We charge a single fee for the three-part series of treatments. We also recommend that patients get renewal treatments every 6-18 months, and there is a smaller fee for that.

  • Cash or check: Yes, you can pay the “old-fashioned” way.
  • Credit card: We accept all major credit cards.
  • CareCredit: This is a credit card specifically for medical and wellness expenses not covered by insurance. It works just like other credit cards, with one big benefit: most medical providers allow you to spread payments over a certain number of months, interest-free, as long as you pay the full amount within that period. We extend this special, interest-free financing offer to patients for 6 months.
    You can use the CareCredit card for all family members, including your pets. You can learn more about CareCredit and apply for a card here. (If approved, you will be notified immediately.)
  • Flexible Savings Account (FSA): An FSA is a healthcare benefit offered by some employers. You can put money into the account tax-free, and use it to pay for certain types of medical expenses. Plan details vary, so if you have an FSA you will need to talk to your Administrator to learn whether you can use this fund to cover the cost of MonaLisa Touch treatment.
  • Health Savings Account (HSA): An HSA is similar to an FSA in that you put money into a tax-free account for medical expenses. However, HSAs are available only to those who have a High Deductible Health Plan. Some employers offer this option, but if you are eligible, you can also set up an HSA through some banks or a similar financial institution. As with an FSA, you will need to check whether your HSA funds can be used to pay for MonaLisa Touch treatment.

Will It Be Worth It?

It’s a simple matter of cost versus benefits. We noted above that the vast majority of women are beyond pleased with their results. Our patients tell us they feel comfortable, sexy, and self-confident again in their intimate relationships and as they go about their everyday life. Many of them say their partners are also impressed and pleased with the results.

We believe all women deserve sexual wellness and the satisfaction it brings, however you choose to pay for MonaLisa Touch treatment.

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