Case Study: How Linda Got Rid of Vaginal Itching & Burning

Jul 12, 2021 9:45:00 AM

This is Linda’s story. But if you’re sick and tired of vaginal itching and burning, it could be your story, too. It has the happiest of endings – permanent relief from these hateful symptoms. And – spoiler alert – the heroes are Dr. Elise Brown and Dr. Scott Brown and MonaLisa Touch® laser vaginal treatment.

Linda’s story is all too familiar to women because vaginal itching and burning are all too common. These uncomfortable and deeply frustrating symptoms can be caused by several things. Linda was determined to get rid of the problem!

Was it a yeast infection?

At first, Linda assumed this was the case, since like most women, she had had her share of yeast infections. The itching and the burning when she urinated were memorable. But her usual over-the-counter medication didn’t help, and so her symptoms remained.

Was it bacterial vaginosis?

This infection is usually accompanied by a thin, watery discharge that smells fishy, a symptom Linda didn’t have. So nope, not that. Too bad, because a prescription for antibiotics would have done the trick.

Was it a sexually transmitted disease?

Double no to that. Linda was quite confident her long-time intimate partner was true to her. And, besides STDs typically present a range of vaginal symptoms in addition to itching and burning.

Was it contact dermatitis?

Linda read that her symptoms might be caused by something as simple as new underwear in a fabric that irritated her skin or some product she was using. Hmmmm. She read further and learned that external irritants can include a range of things from scented lotions and soaps or body wash to laundry detergent and fabric dye. You don’t necessarily have to be allergic to these things for your skin to react, causing itching and/or burning.

Linda learned that there are potential internal irritants, too. For example, douching can cause problems by altering vaginal pH, interfering with her body’s ability to naturally cleanse and lubricate itself. And some women are allergic to latex (some condoms are made of latex) or to certain lubricants.

She mentally reviewed her personal hygiene habits and undies wardrobe, and decided contact dermatitis wasn’t the problem, either. Darn. That’s easy to fix, simply by making a few changes.

Linda talked to her doctor

Any woman should consult her doctor if she has persistent vaginal itching or burning that seems to have a mysterious cause. Proper diagnosis is the first step toward treatment and, besides, there is always the off chance that the symptoms are related to a serious health concern. So Linda made an appointment and, after listening to her story, her doctor reminded Linda of one key factor Linda had not considered: she was going through menopause!

Menopause causes hormonal changes, particularly significantly reduced estrogen production, which directly leads to a whole series of vaginal symptoms including itching and burning. The lack of estrogen causes skin to lose moisture and tone, so it becomes thinner and drier – more prone to itching and burning sensation during urination. The environment inside the vaginal canal becomes less acidic, which reduces naturally-cleansing discharge and makes it easier for bacterial infections to take hold – more opportunities for itching and burning to occur.

But now Linda had the information she needed to achieve her goal – getting rid of her symptoms long term. Her friend Sylvie had told her about MonaLisa Touch®, a simple laser treatment that relieves multiple bothersome vaginal symptoms caused by menopause in just three 5-minute sessions, without discomfort or downtime.

Linda made her first MonaLisa Touch® and now she’s a believer, too – one of the 94% of RealSelf members who say this procedure is definitely “Worth It”!

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